Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hot and Cold

Sometimes I have pain in my muscles, sometimes down my spine, and other times in my tendons. When my tendons are inflamed, as they are these days, alternating between hot and cold feels really good. I heard about hot/cold therapy a few years ago. I used do it using buckets of water, but needed something easier. That's why today's winner of my "joy" award goes to my ice pack and heating pad! It feels so wonderful to wrap the heating pad around them, then switch to the ice pack - back and forth - warmth and coolness. Ahhhhhhhhh

Staying Warm

I have to add one more thing to the "warmth" category. As the days grow colder, so does the house. While I would love to crank the heat, I would hate what it would do to our heating bill. I do allow myself the luxury of turning on our little electric "fireplace" when getting ready to watch our evening TV. I turn it on about 45 minutes before hand. It's just enough to take the edge off, then I settle in with my heating pad on my back... unless it's on my hands - it's a toss up.

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How do you pamper yourself during the winter months? Do you have a favorite blanket? Or are you lucky enough to be able to sit in front of a real crackling fire?

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